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About Us

BuyLocal is a local deal sharing community that supports only local merchants. We develop great deals with our local merchant members, add them to our searchable database, and post them on where they are FREE for you to use.

The BuyLocal Difference

With our local merchants we can together offer you better deals than Daily Deal companies like Groupon™ and LivingSocial™ because, unlike them, we do not take any portion of the deal. These Daily Deal companies will take up to 50% of the purchase price which limits how good a deal you can get. You are effectively paying them a pretty steep price to let you have a good deal. It also means that while you think you are supporting your local businesses, up to half of what you pay leaves the area to wherever the Daily Deal Company is headquartered. What's up with that? Shouldn't locally spent money stay local?

And we eliminate the risk. Both Groupon™ and LivingSocial™ require you to purchase the deal from them up front. You then need to remember to redeem the voucher before its expiration date. And if a business goes out of business or a service provider moves, you need to work to get your money back.

More good stuff

When you see a deal that you like, you can redeem it at a local merchant and/or share it with friends using both Facebook™ and Twitter™. We have easy per deal share tools that let you do this at the touch of a button. You can also be on the receiving end of a local deal "share" if a friend sees something you might have missed.

Send us ideas on the types of deals you are looking for and we'll try and find a merchant to accommodate you. Also be sure to let your friends know what you want as well so if they see it on before you do, they can alert you to it as soon as it posts.

How to Redeem a Deal

To redeem a deal simply print it or save it in your account to call up when you need to redeem it. Take either the printed voucher or the electronic version on your smart phone to the local merchant offering the deal and make the purchase. It costs you nothing to use these great deals found on

If you have any questions or comments or suggestions for improvement please email us at

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